A fundraising event can be educational and fun, whilst helping raise vital funds for our work.

Along the way, young people have raised money to help us support those who are not able to facilitate all services due to language barriers. This will allow young people to become more aware of of the struggles that some of their peers face and to be able to create initiative which could help those who come from BAME backgrounds.

Fundraising in Church

Hold a collection at your church events during the year and support New Hope for Life projects. A gift of thousands of pounds isn’t possible for most of us. But when you put donations together to make a major gift – you can make a major difference.

For more information, contact click here to email us.

Organise a sponsored fast

There are many people who have immigrated in the UK and are finding it difficult to be able to integrate, which has had an affect on their children. Can you fast for 12/24 hours and put aside some money towards helping children from BAME backgrounds?

Dress as your favorite book character

Why not organise a dress down day with a difference, dress as your favorite character. This could be appropriate both for work and school environments and could ask each person to bring in – for example £1.

Change your shopping list

How about changing your weekly grocery shopping, think about how you can save some money this week? For example, if you usually buy Coca Cola or Pepsi swap to your supermarket’s own brand of cola for a cheaper alternative. Whatever savings you make can go towards helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK.