About Us

Establish in 2015, we are a dynamic grassroots organisation working to support and empower the African Francophone people disadvantaged within the community. As a community-based organisation formed for, and managed by, the members of the community it serves; which is the African speaking community in South London, our mission is to assist our people to successfully integrate and to make a positive contribution to the society through our services.

Our People originally come from countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory-Coast, Senegal, Rwanda, Angola and Burundi.

The vast majority of NHL’s service-users are refugees and asylum seekers. They live mainly in South London although the organisation has clients all over the UK.

Our Mission

is to provide appropriate services and activities aimed at improving the quality of life and well being of its service-users as well as enabling them to overcome the barriers they face so that they can settle properly in the UK.

We aim to

promote social inclusion of everyone and increase knowledge and skills of the community’s members.

Our Story

Armed conflict has affected over half of the countries in Africa over the last twenty years. Thousands of children, women and men have abandoned their homes, fled forced recruitment, direct violence and other abuses by armed groups. In 2015, Marie France Nguo, while completing her degree in International Relations with Peace and Conflicts realised the increase number of Francophones refugees with language barriers seeking help and protection as well as those migrants in need of psychosocial support because indirect impacts of conflicts such as Post trauma, isolation and poverty within the community , She decided to start New Hope for Life, formed for, and managed by, the members of the community it serves to break the circle of poverty and build the basic skills and capacities of African Francophone community to settle and adapt within the United Kingdom.

MARIE-FRANCE NGUOChair of Trustees
KONKI KINSIONATrustee Secretary
BEATRICE CIZATrustee Treasury
JELINAC BIBACProgramme Coordinator
SHASHIAdviser & Fundraising Coordinator
CATHERINE MULDERDigital Marketing Coordinator